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Why holistic health and alternative medicine?

I believe [holistic medicine is] working with people in all of their complexity rather than looking at a list of symptoms and conditions and following a predetermined protocol.  What our bodies need to be at their best varies from day to day, so I prefer to use a variety of tools and methods. 

Our bodies have such great capacity for healing, so sometimes a little guidance and help is all it takes. Massage is a great way to create long term pain relief, and a healthier life. Alternative medicine is a doorway for a happier you.

Constance Ao, LMT, Constance Ao Healing

Alternative medicine provides choices for natural and time-tested healing methods and is effective for wellness and prevention.

…Cost effective and frequently safer than conventional methods. It offers many non-drug and less invasive approaches for a healthier lifestyle.

Erika Graham, LMT, Massage by Erika

…Because it is time to take responsibility for our own health and advocate for the health of others. We need to look for the root cause of an issue, instead of masking its symptoms. We need to practice preventative care and self care BEFORE we have a serious health crisis and we NEED to help those who are not strong enough to help themselves.

Calista Songstad, Catalyst Four Change

…A holistic approach to life was the key to “finding myself.” There is a place for allopathic medicine. However, it is important that we first learn to take responsibility for our own health in mind, body, and spirit. Holistic medicine is about connection, inside the body, mind, and spirit, as well as outside factors and relationships. We cannot fully address our health without acknowledging and seeking understanding from the “bigger picture” that is our life. 

Alternative medicine addresses each client from a holistic perspective.  My approach is to heal the mind body and spirit through compassionate touch and nurturing support.

When the goal is getting the patient healthy faster, you don’t just pick one thing, you do what works.  Worldwide, Chinese medicine is used all the time.  Of course in Asian cultures no one is calling this alternative medicine, it’s just called traditional medicine or medicine.

Kevi Keenom, L.Ac, Little Wing Acupuncture

To assist the population at a greater capacity and understand all forms of healing. Energy work and [holistic] modalities will provide further guidance and healing on all levels of the body ie: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.   Shamanism has always encompassed awareness on all levels.

Garrett Duncan, Navajo Illuminations

Each day invites us to be empowered to move towards balance, harmony and wellness.  I love helping others to find a healthier state of being, and being a part of their journey.

Healther Keever, LMT, Illumine

I am a firm believer that Alternative Medicine is a compliment to western medicine. It should not replace but enhance your treatment. Many times we have energies that are trapped inside us, and once detected, and the message communicated, they leave the host [body] and go into the light. I have seen that after a session, my client will move on much quicker with their healing.

…Or original medicine that has been around a long time and is the best way to treat and prevent disease and illness as a first line of defense. By encouraging the body to heal itself, Chinese medicine aims to strengthen one’s innate ability and desire to maintain homeostasis in a more holistic manner. It can be combined with any other modality used today to overcome ailments of the modern age.

Mari Greenly, L.Ac, Mari Greenly LAc LLC

I wanted to find a natural way to help others restore optimal health and wellness to their lives without having to rely on drugs to control symptoms daily. Naturopathic medicine seeks to find the underlying imbalances in the determinants of your health to restore this optimal state of being.

Dr. Whitney Cronin, ND, Holistic Home, Health and Wellness

It treats the causes not just the symptoms of the illness/disease/injury. And, the best part, it can actually help you not get the illness/disease/injury in the first place.

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