By Gail Serna

When we speak of dimensions we are not traveling to different places or realms (in the physical sense) rather think of it in terms of the altered state in your mind. In this article, I am most interested in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions.

The 3rd dimension is here on the earth where most humans inhabit. The characteristics that make up the 3rd dimension are things that we identify with. These things hold us back and keep us rooted in our negative thinking and storytelling. What stories do you tell yourself? Can you identify them? Are your thoughts mainly negative and rooted in the past?

Imagine a world where your thoughts and ego were only tools to help you move forward on your path.

3rd dimension tools include:

  • Awareness that time represents hours on a clock which includes past, present, and future
  • Labels such as a wife, mother, therapist, etc.
  • How much money a person makes/lack of money
  • Opposites including joy/love/hate/fear
  • Ego being in charge or our thoughts and actions

We were given tools from our creator to use. As we apply the tools in our lives, we move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension which includes the knowledge that time, and the ego doesn’t rule our existence. We are not rooted in our past or the future and the ego is only the anchor housing the thoughts.

4th dimension tools include:

  • The awareness of how we feel in our gut and heart
  • The ability to uncover the stories you are telling yourself from childhood
  • Monitoring the thoughts as they stream in before they multiply like weeds in a garden
  • Using positive affirmation statements to re-frame thinking
  • Cutting cords from your aura throughout all of time and space (don’t let them reattach by monitoring your thinking)
  • Using your psychic senses to make sounds decisions in your life leading to more joy (intuition development is the key to making sound decisions.)
  • Forgiveness, prayer, and mediation.

As we begin to be aware, monitor our thoughts, and practice the tools, we will move into the 4th dimension. Try little things throughout the day to bring joy in your life and it will expand and multiply.

As you cultivate more joy in your everyday life you will find yourself in the 5th dimension for longer and longer periods.

The 5th Dimension characteristics include: 

  • Living in peace and harmony with all, experiencing Oneness with all of life.
  • Fully respecting all people and the planet.
  • Love and compassion flow through all communications.
  • No more hunger, poverty or crime.
  • Abundance 

Raising your own vibration and setting the example for others is the key. Gaining clarity on all decisions in your life will come with ease too. The misconception is that this altered state of existence (where joy resides) is only for monks who live in a monastery and pray continually.

Over time you too can begin to alter your frame of mind and your perception of who you thought you were.

Have fun and allow joy to be your frame of reference. It will put you in the flow of your life. All it takes is the willingness to see yourself and people around you in a different light.

More and more of us are waking up to a new reality here on the earth. Will you?