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  • Expand awareness of ALL forms of holistic and alternative healthcare

  • Empower wellness seekers to take charge of their healthcare

  • Support wellness professionals on their business journey

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Why we do what we do:

The number of people turning to holistic healthcare is growing every day. But, on the flip side, running a holistic health care practice and growing it, remains ever challenging. Our Founder, Amber Cook; is a wellness practitioner, business mentor, and holistic health crusader. She is determined to change the holistic healthcare industry – have it taken seriously and make it accessible for everyone. Learn more about Amber>>>

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alternative healthcare business

Approximate number of Alternative Healthcare businesses in the US (of which only 50% make it past their first 5 years in business).

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Percentage of adults in the US who use some form of complimentary or alternative medicine

Why we care: 

We believe helping wellness professionals succeed impacts the success of our industry as a whole.

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Beautiful and supportive community! So grateful to be a part of it!

Mary Lou Rodriguez, Life Guidance Hypnosis

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing collective! Finally we can find all the healing and therapeutic practitioners we need in one place! Looking forward to connecting with so many of them myself!!!

Dianna Fontes, Astro Artistry

HealingWaze is an absolutely amazing tool for holistic health practitioners!

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