Monthly group mastermind focusing on marketing for heart-centered business owners. Hosted by Laura Rowe

The virtual group mastermind will focus on marketing know-how–crafting an offer, creating a marketing campaign, honing your niche, etc–with inner work. We’ll talk about social media, websites, email lists, while acknowledging our discomfort or unease with being seen. Inner work can be done on your own through oracle or tarot spreads I will provide that explore your hidden drivers.

Monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 10am PST starting March 18, 2021

Join here:

This is a follow up to Laura’s Authentic Marketing for Holistic Healers 4 class series Jan.-Feb. 2021

It took me a while to find a way to market that didn’t make me uncomfortable. As an empath, it was difficult for a variety of reasons.

*The marketing I was seeing from peers felt manipulative, I didn’t want to create marketing that was devious or grabby.

*I struggled with being visible and worked hard on my inner work to find comfort with being seen.

*I didn’t understand that successful marketing requires knowing who you are marketing to in a very specific way.