By Mary Galloway, ND

Normally I would not be blogging about the upcoming cold and flu season so early.

So why this year?

We live in a global society – whether we like it or not, what happens in other parts of the world can have a significant impact on us. According to news reports (1), the flu is hitting Australia (it’s winter there) sooner and harder than usual. That means there is a good chance our season could be worse than normal, too. So, what can you do to keep yourself at peak health in order to avoid or reduce the impact of colds and flues?

The Basics

Let’s look at 3 basic, natural ways to stay healthy: Nutrition, hydrotherapy and sleep.

  • Nutrition – You Have to Eat

Limit the amount of fruits and sugar in your diet. Fruit? Yes, fruit. It contains fructose, a type of sugar. Sugar can depress your immune system for several hours, leaving you exposed to illnesses that are lurking “out there.” If you eat fruit, eat it only for breakfast and lunch and combine it with protein to reduce the blood sugar spike that can occur. A good example is eating fruit and nuts together.

Eat lots of dark veggies. The darker the veggie, the more nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it contains. For instance, spinach contains much more nutrition than iceberg lettuce.

  • Hydrotherapy – The Power of Water

Water is very healing and it’s free! My favorite hydrotherapy for sinus congestion is Warming Socks:

You will need:
1 pair of cotton socks
1 pair of wool or cotton socks

Rinse the first pair in cool water (if you’re tough, you can use very cold water). Put these socks on your feet.
Put the second pair of socks (these are dry) over the first pair.
Go to bed.

The temperature of the cool socks will stimulate blood flow to warm up your feet. This increased blood flow will help pull congestion from your sinuses. When you wake up, the socks should be dry and your sinuses clearer.

  • Sleep – The Great Rejuvenator

Did you ever wonder why you feel so tired when you’re sick? It’s because your body is craving sleep. Sleep allows your body to stop everything and focus on healing. When you are sick, stay home and rest. You’ll give your body time to heal and you don’t spread your illness to everyone around you – they will appreciate it!

How Can Naturopathic Doctors Help?

If you do get sick, we are here to help support your bodies natural healing process. Most ND’s offer office visits, Natural Pharmacies, and prescriptions, if necessary. I even offer Telemedicine to help you wherever you are.

It’s all about you and your health! 

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