Belonging is a big deal for Darcy. That’s why one of her deepest satisfactions comes from connecting people to one another, and to resources that help them thrive. As a HealingWaze team member, she supports the community with connection and growth, and provides networking opportunities for HealingWaze members, alternative practitioners who are interested in HealingWaze, and other collaborators. 

When she’s not helping others with their businesses, Darcy has a thriving practice as a certified channel and medium, offering guidance to clients from Spirit. She is also a Certified Life Coach, and is trained and certified in a number of energetic healing modalities. Her favorite work comes from synthesizing her own methods, and considers herself a Quantum Alchemist – using energetic means to catalyze change and realize intentions with a minimum of effort or disruption, and a maximum benefit.

Darcy is a lightning rod for her clients. She helps people on the edge of something BIG to give themselves permission to know what’s next and take action on it – even when doing it feels terrifying. Watch her get to the bottom of things, and then transform your life with the simplest twitch of the wrist…

She is driven by a belief that we are all here for a reason, and finding that reason and DOING it all the way is how we change the world for the better.

Darcy is devoted to helping her clients and colleagues bring big visions into being, she helps them connect to their own innate Knowing as the ultimate resource for discernment and personal evolution.

Look for her posts in the members-only Facebook group “HW Community” for ways you can connect with other practitioners, referral partners, and new allies.

If you’re interested in setting up or attending an event in the Portland, Oregon area, Darcy is your go-to person.

Learn more about Darcy at

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