By Gail Serna 

I discovered meditation in 2009, which allowed me to tap into my higher self, get answers for my life, and my clients. I am going to tell you how to meditate and why I do it.

New to Meditation, No Problem

To begin, find a comfortable chair to sit on. Preferably in a peaceful setting. Now, if you would like to lie down, there is a time a place for this (I do many meditations when I am in bed since they help me fall asleep). However, if you are meditating to find clarity or solve a problem then sitting in a chair where you won’ t fall asleep is best. Here are some suggestions to having a successful meditation practice:

  • Show up every day at the same time.
  • Seek out a group in your area where you can go.
  • The key to meditation is to focus on something, like another persons voice or your own breath, so you are not focused on your thoughts, it is impossible to stop them from streaming.
  • One of my personal favorites: See if you can imagine that each thought is a certain type of car and you are standing on the street corner observing all the cars that go by.
  • Changing your focus is the key to meditation.

Correct Meditation Posture

  • Get comfortable
  • Sit with your spine straight.
  • Your hands should be in your lap.
  • Have your feet flat on the floor.
  • Either have your hands upright or face down.
  • Close your eyes. (I have been to meditation where we concentrate on staring at a candle but this is a more advanced technique.)
  • In a perfect world, there should be no distractions.
  • As you practice meditation frequently, the distractions won’t bother you so much.

The Three Most Common Types of Meditation

  • Mindfulness- involving only the breath
  • Guided Visualization- involving a person leading you through with their voice or listening to music (This is good for the beginner.) I wrote one on my website available for download.
  • Mantra Meditation- chanting a sacred sound out loud to yourself repetitively. This is my favorite type of meditation but it is a more advanced practice.

The Benefits of a Regular Meditation Practice:

Learning to meditate with ease takes time. Once you master the art and practice of meditation, your life will change in positive ways that you couldn’t have imagined. This is where the higher wisdom, ah-ha moments, and guidance reside. Let’s face it, life can be anxiety ridden and having a daily meditation practice will lower blood pressure, help you solve problems, and receive guidance from your higher self in addition to:

  • reduces stress
  • improves concentration
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • increases self-awareness
  • increases happiness
  • increases acceptance
  • slows the aging process
  • improves cardiovascular and immune health

When first starting a meditation practice, don’t be too hard on yourself. When I first started, I could only meditate for a few minutes at a time. Like anything it takes practice and the willingness to learn. Let me know how your meditation practice is evolving.

The secret’s out, did you know meditation is how I prepare to do angel readings and make the connection with your angel guidance? Remember, prayer is for the asking and meditation is the answer.