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πŸŒ™πŸŒšNew Moon Chakradance (Schedule πŸ‘‡below) The new moon is a time to finish releasing what no longer serves you and find clarity and commitment to what you are creating in the next lunar month. We open with a mediation, then discuss key points of the chakra of our focus, as well as ground your purpose for the experience. Next is a moving mediation with guided imagery as well a music designed to each Chakra. We close the mediation by creating a mandala of our growth and close the session with an integrating meditation.

Schedule 11/26/19 8-9:30pm – Heart Chakra

No meeting December

1/24/19 7-8:30pm – Throat Chakra 2/23/19 7-8:30pm –

Third Eye Chakra

3/24/19 8-9:30pm – Crown