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Spring is a time when we often do a spring cleaning of things like our homes and yards to get rid of clutter and create new space and order.

So what if we do that for our own selves, not just our environments?

As we pass the one year mark in this global pandemic, you might be feeling a range of different things… from stuck and unmotivated, to exhausted and overwhelmed. to feeling swept away by a range of emotions.

After such heaviness and density, you probably want to let go of the things that are weighing you down and feel ready and able to move forward with your life again, even though the external challenges won’t complete disappear.

Let me help you do that in a fun and relaxing way, from the comfort of your own home!

Coming together in community is a lovely way to do this process and feel connected and supported.

What Will the Retreat Include?

In our half-day together, I will guide you through:

  • A power guided meditation to support starting our spring cleaning of our minds and spirits
  • Journaling prompts throughout our time together
  • An energy medicine session, using BodyTalk and Body Intuitive systems for deep transformation and healing
  • restorative yoga session with breathwork (this is super gentle and for those who are challenged with mobility can even be done laying on your bed!)
  • Setting new intentions/focus for the spring

The theme for our time together will be a spring cleaning of our bodies, minds, and spirits!

There will be plenty of short breaks for you to get up and move around, take care of your body’s needs and have space to integrate.

Retreat will be capped at 10 participants to allow time for each person to share.

You will also receive a beautiful Yo Soy Candle (a $12 value) handcrafted by and sent to you by my friend Leslie Abrams. At the end of the day, we will use the candle to create your own “I am ____” affirmation to represent your intention for this spring.

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