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From the Modern Magic 101 Series
Everyday Altars
What is an altar? When most of us think of altars we might think of a giant stone slab upon which a human or animal may be sacrificed to some ancient god or diety. Or perhaps we think of the altar that we grew accustomed to seeing in our church or place of worship. Now, I am pretty certain that there aren’t too many bloodied sacrificial monuments any longer. So…what am I speaking about here? I am talking about a much kinder gentler altar. An altar not attached to any one religion or faith. I am speaking of an altar created by an individual who wishes to make a deeper connection with themselves and their own belief systems. Hopefully, I am describing you!
In this workshop we will talk about:
-The everyday altar and its purpose.
-Realizing that altars are everywhere.
-Creating a sacred space.
-Set up and location.
-Items to place on or use on your altar.
-Altar care and maintenance.
-Travel altars.
From this workshop, you will take home an item created by YOU, for YOUR altar.
And, you will also receive an essential oil blend called Gratitude made by me from my special self-care product line at Vibe Healing Arts.( A $10.00 value) This roll on oil will be the perfect addition to your altar and a great compliment to use in your daily practice.
Come join the fun.
There will be water and tea available and a sweet treat or two.
Please come dressed comfortably and ready to laugh and relax.
The cost is $25.00 in advance $28.00 at the door..
Location is at:
Breathe Healing Arts Center in Newberg,OR.97312
114 N. Everest Rd.