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In this monthly class, we will combine the relaxing experience of Watsu® with the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. This class is led by Victor Barreda, Watsu Practitioner and is designed for parents and their babies in their first 18 months. You are invited to delight in gentle touch, intuitive movement, and full presence with your newest loves while sound healing practitioner, Marissa Leigh bathes you in soothing sounds and vibrations.

Babies take naturally to warm water and greatly benefit from exploring their first movements in this weightless environment. Watsu® offers an exceptionally comforting and safe environment for infants who can truly experience free movement in the water and relax deeply.

Watsu® for Babies is open to all who would like to share the fluidity and joy of being in the water with a child. Infants allow us to be in the present moment by simply listening to their inner movement and breathing while being supported by the healing power of warm water. In this class, you will learn a basic Watsu® sequence adapted for babies, and to deeply listen to infants needs and interact with their continuous flow.

Marissa will be playing eight classic frosted crystal singing bowls, five advanced alchemy crystal singing bowls and chimes. The crystal bowls create powerful, resonant sounds and vibrations that move energy through us and support us in quieting our minds and bringing us more fully into our bodies. The sounds and vibrations are calming for babies’ nervous systems and are known to support deeper sleep.

This is a precious opportunity for you to ground into yourself, to deepen your level of presence with your baby, and to share the fluidity and joy of being in the water with them.

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About the facilitators:

Victor Barreda Pazos has been a Physical Therapist in Spain since 2005, a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon since 2016, and a Watsu Practitioner since May 2018. Becoming a father in 2010, he discovered a new passion for the power of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. In the past 10 years, he gained knowledge from studying pregnancy and birth alongside his wife, a Full Spectrum Doula, and from 5 years of working with children in Montessori and Waldorf environments, applying permaculture to education. Victor is deeply drawn to supporting life from the very beginning, and he loves to share his passion for a natural and healthy approach to birth and parenting. It is his most sincere belief that we can make this world a better place by better caring for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Marissa Leigh is a sound healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, sacred ceremony holder and song-keeper whose passion is in providing people with a restful and nourishing space to return home to themselves. Many intensive meditation retreats taught her the deep importance of self-awareness and the freedom we have when we welcome all of our emotions, thoughts and body experiences without resistance. She incorporates this knowledge and understanding into her practice as well as the use of 8 crystal singing bowls, shamanic practices, crystal healing, sacred ritual, and song. She provides gentle guidance for individuals to open fully to themselves to allow their bodies, minds, and hearts to heal what they feel must be healed. This looks different for everyone but is, in essence, allowing ourselves to return fully to experiencing the joy of our true being exactly as it is.