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Calling all Holistic Practitioners, Healers and Coaches** in and around Newberg. There’s no need for us to feel lost and alone in the business world. We are not alone! And, it’s OK if we do things a little different.
Come grab a cup of tea with Amber Cook, fellow holistic practitioners and founder of HealingWaze. Think casual networking meets mini-mastermind. Lots of business support, tips and love! 

Bring an open heart and your business cards, but leave your elevator pitch at home. Breathe Healing Arts Center is a fun, private spot created for community events.


You are more than welcome to join us for TWO free visits. Members and Non-members please RSVP. For your third visit and beyond; please purchase a ticket below, or bring $10 cash to the event (change is not available). 

As a member of HealingWaze you get to attend these and all of our events (in-person and virtual) at no charge. If you’d like to become a part or our community visit https://healingwaze.com/joinourcommunity/
**This event, along with all Holistic Connections are reserved for holistic practitioners, healers and life/health coaches working one-one or in groups with clients/patients. If you are only selling a product this is not the group for you.


20 available Member You do not need to bring confirmation of RSVP.
20 available Non-member 1st or 2nd visit You do not need to bring confirmation of RSVP.
Send RSVP confirmation to: