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Lunar Wisdom & Self-Care – Rituals to help you tend to your body & soul

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the first frontier in how we create a better world for ourselves and others. Often the culprit is lack of time as the fast pace of life can keep us away from genuinely nourishing ourselves. Or we lack clarity as to what self-care to us means, beyond tending to the needs of the body.

Astrology can help you understand your self-care needs beyond the surface.

In exploring the importance of the moon for our emotional and physical bodies through the lens of astrology will help you reimagine your self-care.

We will explore what the Moon means for us, what your Moon Sign has to say about self-care for your body and soul. We will also explore self-care from the lens of rituals and the creation of spaces in our environment to serve as reminders and containers for our self-care: body and soul.