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Basic Theta Healing – 3 day class Nov. 15, 16, 17, 2019 starting Friday Evening at the Breathe Healing Arts Center in Newburg Oregon • Fri. 6pm to 9pm • and Sat. & Sun. 9am to 5pm)

Make positive changes in your life by using ThetaHealing®, a system for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Train your mind to go into a theta state and connect to the healing/manifesting powers that reside within each one of us. By calling on Source, focusing intent, and witnessing the process, profound changes take place.

Theta Healing works on the deepest part of your subconscious to find limiting beliefs and transform them instantly, opening you to your true potential, purpose and power. Vianna Stibal, medical intuitive, naturopath and founder of ThetaHealing® used these techniques to heal herself of terminal cancer. Align the powerful triad of body, mind and spirit to experience deep healing and transformation on all levels of your life.

During this dynamic workshop you will learn:
• The 5 brainwave states
• The 4 levels of beliefs
• The 7 planes of existence
• Muscle testing
• The Energetic Body Scan
• ThetaHealing® Technique
• Command the DNA activation process
• Locate and replace limiting beliefs
• Release spirit attachments/waywards
• Enhance your health & well-being

Cost: $425 includes ThetaHealing® book and study manual by Vianna Stibal. $100 deposit reserves your place in the class (non-refundable)

*Taking this class allows 18 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits).

*Former students get a refresher rate of $200 for the entire weekend.

*Refresher rates for students certified through another teacher are half price.

More details at http://kathleenkrantz.com/theta-healing

To sign up contact Kathleen at 541-344-6374