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Are you curious about all of the different holistic healing methods available to you? Have you wanted to ask a holistic healing professional questions, but don’t want to feel obligated to work with them??

Now’s your chance!…From the comfort of wherever you’re at.

Hop onto www.facebook.com/HealingWaze at 10am PST.

Join Lyn Delmastro Thomson and fellow BodyTalk practitioner Dafna Golan-Carbone. Ask your questions and get answers right away!

Daftna provides moms, babies, and people of all ages incredible solutions for greater health, well-being, and emotional stability.

“Your body knows best how to heal itself. When something is off, your body tries to send you signals, but the only way it knows how is by creating symptoms.”

Dafna and BodyTalk can help.

Learn more about her and her work at https://healingwaze.com/practitioners/dafna-golan-lifecycle-wellness/

If you’re not able to ask questions live, please leave them in the comments and Daftna will follow up with you.

If you’re a holistic healing professional we’d love to have you as one of our next guests. Join our community at https://healingwaze.com/joinourcommuni…/

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