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So you said “yes,” did you?

You figured out you can’t keep spinning your wheels, believing you are small and unworthy, fearing what might happen if you answer the Call.

And you are called, aren’t you?

Can’t ignore it anymore…something wants you, NEEDS you.

Something is clawing it’s way to the surface, burning from the inside. A light is shining and you are drawn into it, magnetized by the possibility, the yearning, the heat of the Truth within.

And you see it happening to other sisters (and brothers) around you. It’s in the wind. In the blood.

I’m feeling it too. I’m feeling it, believe me. Feeling…HER.

I’m feeling that Divine She rising up, expanding like white blood cells in me, outside in the world around me, working to restore balance, to insist that we remember that Holy Who and What we are, and how we express that Divinity…

And that undeniable femininity has surprised me. It’s not been my go-to in the past. I’ve been cerebral, academic, but THIS – this is embodied, sensual, insistent, a real departure.

For me it really began in the summer of 2017 with Mother Mary, who pretty much LANDED in my body one morning over breakfast. She shows up regularly now, and has become a primary guide for me.

Then this spring Kali Ma descended to shatter and devour me until I agreed to be her devotee.

Since then, under their guidance I’ve received, Quan Yin, Isis, Mary Magdalene. Her other faces filter through, leaving me shaken, empassioned, obliterated and restored in Love.

She wants to show up for you, too. She wants to meet you through other women, through your own inner world, and through the salty-sweet daily world we live in.

I invite you to indulge her and join me at this monthly gathering of women (identified), to show up and share our stories, connect through our joys and sorrows, our grief and our hopes and dreams.

But we won’t leave it there. We’ll spend time at each gathering diving deep within our own inner world to allow Her to show us each what we need to see, who we really are, and what She calls us to.

Then, to bring ease and grace to the changes you’re facing and to make your intentions more inevitable, we’ll lead you through a quick and mighty process to Reclaim the aspects of your Self required to embody what you discover here, and what you need to carry forward into your world.

Let’s commit to be the Change – and to do it hand-in-hand.

-6:45 Doors open for socializing
-7:00 Doors close and we begin discusion. (Once my phone is turned off I can’t let you in, so please arrive no later than 7)
-7:50 Guided meditation/journeying/Goddess work
-8:05 or so Journaling & Discussion
-8:20 Reclaiming
-8:30 End

Tea and light refreshments will be served – feel free to add to the bounty if you are called to!

Registration Requested.
(If this is a hardship, please contact me directly)

5 Event Passes available for $100