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You’re not new to the game of personal evolution, and shifting the things that crop up as you work toward your goals is the toughest part sometimes.

Feet stuck in the mud, head in a fog, while navigating yet another crossroads is the name of the game…

Crunchy. Frustrating. Confusing.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Shift It! events are a place to go deep into your interior to learn more about your true nature, what’s emerging, and what wants to change…and then get help to make it happen!

Each session is loosely themed, and we’ll spend a bit of time at the top of the hour discussing what’s up for each of us around this topic. Then we’ll dive into a journey to our own interior to explore deeper aspects of the concept in question.

We’ll regroup to share what came up in the process, and then, through a laser-like energetic activation, we’ll digest what’s in the way of our intentions and integrate what we learned.

Finally, we’ll drop in again to discern what next steps are required to harness the life force of the work we’ve done.

Come in with an intention, and with some focus and attention, we’ll clear the brambles to help you move through.

This month it’s time to talk about CHOICE. What are you choosing, either consciously or unconsciously? (I know, right?!) What does it take to be in choice? When do you have it, when don’t you have it? We’ll explore with our minds, then dive deep to hear what that inner guide has to say about it.

Bring an intention and journal to capture what you discover.


***Pre-Registration required***

For those who know they want to come back, I’m offering a 5 Session Package for $100. Follow the link below to purchase: