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Your body is your home. And yet for many of us, whether we are currently living with chronic illness or we have some more minor health issues, we often don’t FEEL at home in our bodies.

Pain, discomfort, and all sorts of physical symptoms can leave us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and at a loss for what to do.

Sometimes we can be left feeling angry and let down by our bodies.

Other times, we focus all of our energy on our minds, our thoughts, planning our life out and we start ignoring our bodies. We don’t listen to the symptoms we have, we dismiss them as unimportant and we instead focus on our brain and our thoughts as the most important things.

What if you could tap into your body’s wisdom and develop and new, healthy relationship with it?

Just Imagine:

– A decrease or elimination of your physical symptoms
– Feeling more physically comfortable on a daily basis
– Not getting to the end of the day so exhausted you collapse in bed
– Even when you do feel symptoms, you are able to see them in a different light and not feel so frustrated by them
– Having a new relationship with your body and understanding how it communicates with you
– Being able to stop the constant mental chatter and instead connect with your body and its needs
– Having more time and energy to focus on the things you enjoy
Taking less sick days
– Spending less time in the doctor’s office and less money on medications
– Being more productive and creative with your work
– Being more present with your loved ones

What Does the Workshop Include?

During our time together, we will explore different tools and techniques to create a new relationship with your body.

These will include:

– ways to help you understand the meaning of your symptoms
– reframes for how you think about your body
– techniques to help you connect more fully with your body and its wisdom
– ways to stop being in your head all the time and be more present to your body
– tools that you can use at home regularly to continue developing this new relationship with your body

Note: the event will include therapeutic breathwork practices which are best done resting on the ground. Please plan to bring a yoga mat or other padding (for example a thick blanket) to rest on for up to 40 minutes.

Space will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants to encourage interaction with me and each other.

Investment: $95

or sign up with a friend and you each pay $70!

Reserve your spot here: https://heartfirehealingllc.com/body-wisdom-workshop/