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Right now many of us, in the face of a world in chaos, are called to seek out our divine Purpose, and live from a place of deep authenticity, listening to our heart of hearts.
Living our Purpose requires alignment and presence, and is what our world is crying out for, as we seek to find meaning in a world consumed by consuming and by distraction. We yearn to find and share our truth, authenticity, and the peace that allows us each to coexist in glorious diversity.
We yearn to thrive, and to see those around us thrive as well.
But Oh! Can this ever be a lonely and painful process, as we shed the skins that have grown to tight and brittle, leaving behind bits of our stories and beliefs that had, until now, been holding us upright.
The path of answering this call can be a confusing and lonely place…
…but what if your unique Purpose was an actual being that you could communicate with, build a relationship with and call on in times of questioning?
Would you like to meet this being?
Join me in this 90-minute experience, where you’ll be led on a journey to meet the being, the avatar, if you will, of your Life’s Mission and Purpose. Gain insights, inspiration, reassurance, and perhaps even receive a gift or two for your soul.
Following the night’s exploration, you will be offered an energetic Reclaiming, to integrate the experience and to clear a path to realizing your intentions around your Purpose.
Tickets are $25 and are available by calling New Renaissance Bookstore at 503-224-4929.