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“Touch is a freaky thing when you’re not used to it. It makes you feel all kinds of things.” ― Neal ShustermanThe Schwa Was Here

Imagine feeling confident in your ability to help your partner relax, helping to calm their sore muscles and reset their nervous system, while also resetting yours. Imagine you and your partner coming into sacred space together, no thoughts about the outside world, feeling deeply connected which brings a warm generous feeling that has you know without a doubt that you are treasured, loved, and ok just as you are.

This workshop will give you new access to what brings you together while instructing you and your partner on ways to;

  • enhance your intimacy
  • create a sacred space for taking care of each other
  • “listen” with your hands
  • utilize specific techniques for relaxation
  • make massage fun and enjoyable for you both
  • communicate your wants and needs clearly
  • take care of your body and give the best massage ever

You will practice on each other, fully clothed as you are guided by the instructors. You will have a full body massage routine to take home with a new skill level in loving touch, communication, intimacy, and connection. This will be a fun workshop designed for couples at any stage of your relationship. All couple syles welcome.

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Led by Anasuya Devi and Lisa Mertz