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What do you want? I mean really really REALLY
want? It really sucks not to know what the fuck you
want, doesn’t it?
What would it feel like to spend a half a day doing
something for you? A half a day being creative, in a
group of like minded women? A half a day thinking
about stuff we never think about? A half a day to
really find out what you want and get the first steps about how to make that happen?
How would that feel?

I want you to know how that would feel, so I’m inviting you to this Kick Ass Vision Board Workshop. Spend 5 hours on YOU! This is not a mani/pedi self care kinda thing. This is a chance to stop wondering and to start getting to the what’s next! You will walk away energized, clear, and excited. And you’ll have a sweet vision board to boot!
This workshop includes 3 hours of thinking, reflecting, visioning and writing about what you want. I provide kick ass questions and a killer workbook and guide you through the process. Then we get to play! If you’ve never made a vision board you are in for a treat. There is something relaxing and fun about looking through magazine, picking images and words, and then creating a board to act as your visual reminder of what you are manifesting. Women in the last workshop have contacted me to tell me they’ve manifested many things they included on their boards! They are traveling more, getting promotions, making more money, and meeting new people! How rad is that? Vision boards work. Oh, and I bring EVERYTHING you need to create your unique vision board.
As a former art teacher I love to guide people through the creative process. When I teach this workshop I include instruction on composition, color, and spacing. It gives those who feel not artistic some ammunition when diving into their boards. I can’t wait to see what this next group of vision boarders bring into being!
Space is very limited so you must preregister.