With Vanessa Couto from Otterburn & Co

In this class, we’ll explore how we can work with the Moon to help us attract aligned clients. We’ll explore how our individual Moon Sign represents our emotional ‘hook’ to our clients. Our Moon sign also clarifies how we can better fulfill the needs of our clients in a way that is in alignment with us. In this class, we’ll explore both the astrological and psychological as reflected by our Moon Sign and how we can best apply this to our business.

Sign up: https://vanessacouto.as.me/moonandbiz-HWCLASS

Note – No astrological experience needed for this class, but I’ll need your MOON SIGN. If you don’t know your Moon Sign, please contact Vanessa at info@vanessacouto.com. Also note that this class will not be recorded. The intention of this class is to foster engagement and dialogue, and focus on the questions of those present at the class. The presentation portion of the class will also focus on the answers of those who register for the class (i.e. their MOON Signs.)