With Vanessa Couto from Otterburn & Co

In this class, we’ll explore the astrological archetypes, aka your Sun Signs, as tools for clarity in your business branding. From an astrological perspective, your birth chart can be seen as your marketing team, with the Sun being the CEO.

In everything we do, our inner Sun needs to shine, and no place better than our own business. We’ll explore the archetypes of each of the Sun Signs and how you can use yours to help you in your messaging, service/product development and brand alignment. This is a broad brushstrokes class, but you’ll be able to a walk away with practical ideas that you will help you with your business.

Sign up: https://vanessacouto.as.me/sunisyourceo-HWCLASS

Note – no astrological experience needed for this class. Also, this class will not be recorded. The intention of this class is to foster engagement and dialogue, and focus on the questions of those present at the class. The presentation portion of the class will also focus on the answers of those who register for the class (i.e. their SUN Signs.)