Written By Gail Serna

Do negative thoughts or stories run through your mind, and do you wonder how to achieve a calmer mindset?

Were the negative thoughts triggered by another persons behavior? Have you considered sharing your perspective and describing how you feel with them? Although expressing your true feelings to another may be scary, there are ways to have this conversation be productive. It’s important to note that every exchange will take on its own essence or energy.

First ask yourself this: who are you not on good terms with and how much do they mean to you? You may find it isn’t necessary to communicate how you feel to that person. When it is necessary for healing, the constructive approach I have outlined below will make these conversations easier.

• Create a script for yourself and write down your talking points.

• Ask for help from your divine self and visualize the discussion running smoothly.

• Imagine that the other person will accept the conversation you are about to have, and your relationship will grow stronger for having expressed your stance.

• Remember, the goal is not only to make them recognize how you feel but also to give them the space to express any animosity they may have towards you.

• Ask your divine energy or Archangel Michael to provide you the energetic protection to have the exchange.

• See a beautiful golden bubble from heaven surrounding the two of you in a peaceful web of loving light.

Once the conversation is over and the other person has understood your position, and you have heard their perspective, you can surrender any negative thoughts or connections in your mind and see love surrounding the situation. Remember to monitor your thoughts and do not allow the toxic emotions and stories to keep playing in your head. This should subside now.

Allow yourself the respect you deserve and be proud that you asserted yourself in this way.

If you do not attain the result you are seeking from the conversation, then it’s best to allow some time to pass and walk away from the situation knowing you did your best to resolve the bitterness between you and another.

Do not give up and use prayer as a bridge. We consider prayer telepathic communication between your consciousness and the other person’s subconscious. Keep imagining the situation reversing itself and that the two of you will see eye to eye in divine timing.

Within my own life, I have used this process to express myself to my own inner circle of loved ones. It is powerful and affirming to tell someone what they did to upset you and to have them see your point of view. As well as, it is crucial for your growth to be able to then listen to another’s point of view. I have personally gotten closer to three people by doing this.