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FAQ for Visitors2020-10-14T06:33:36-07:00
What Does Holistic Health and Wellness Mean?2020-10-13T16:08:19-07:00

Holistic Health and Wellness is an integrated approach to health care that treats the “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease. Mind and body are inseparable. Holistic wellness professionals do more than just identify and treat a specific ailment…or the symptoms caused by an ailment (which is common practice in conventional medicine). The holistic wellness professional looks at the various aspects of your lifestyle and health issues to help you reach your optimum level of wellness.

Holistic health and wellness is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of being.

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Where are all the healing methods? I don’t see any or very few.2020-10-14T06:35:13-07:00

We represent over 100 different healing methods, but you only get to see the ones that are available in your area. If you don’t see what your looking for, click HERE and we’ll notify you when a new method/practitioner becomes available in your area.

How do I search for wellness professionals?2020-10-14T05:09:37-07:00

The quickest way is to start by searching your zip code (which is usually auto-filled, but you can change it) on the Home page. www.HealingWaze.com. Then use our filters to narrow your search.

Our Advanced Search is a quick way to get you to exactly what you’re looking for!

Browse around and find other links throughout the site guiding you to your wellness professional.

What do you mean by “verified” wellness professionals?2020-10-14T05:12:45-07:00

We manually perform a 3-4 step verification process on every one of our wellness professionals listed, which determines, to the best of our ability, that they are professionals, following ethical and legal guidelines for their state.

If you notice any listings that go against this policy please report them to info@healingwaze.com. Please read full disclaimer regarding our responsibility and your rights.

How do I find out more information about holistic and alternative healing methods in general?2020-10-14T05:14:20-07:00

You’ll find a brief description about each of the healing methods provided by our wellness professionals under “Healing Methods”, and read more in-depth articles in our Blog. These are articles written by our varied wellness professionals.

How do I leave a review for a Wellness Professional I’ve worked with?2020-10-14T05:15:32-07:00

Click the review link on their profile. Start with giving them a thumbs-up, in the middle (neutral), or thumbs-down, based on your experience. Then follow it up with a personal written review to go along with it (not required, but helps improve other user’s experience). Please read the Review Rules .

Can I leave an anonymous review?2020-10-14T05:17:51-07:00

Yes, all our reviews are anonymous (unless you choose to use your real name as the “username”). The only thing visible to the public and the wellness professional are your username and actual review. Your “real” name and email are protected and only visible to HealingWaze staff.

We do not use your email for any other purpose other than contacting you if there is an issue with your review. At no time will we release your information to the professional or any other user.*

*Unless required by law. See Review Rules.

Why isn’t my favorite wellness professional listed on HealingWaze?2020-10-14T05:19:19-07:00

We’d like to know that too! Feel free to ask them, send them a link to our website, a link to our sign up page or send us their information to info@healingwaze.com and we’ll let them know a fan requested that they check us out.

Why do some of the wellness professionals have license/certificate numbers and some don’t?2020-10-14T05:21:03-07:00

Licensure and certification vary from state to state, and even by city/county within a state. Not all areas require it. Not all Healing Methods require it. We try to stay up to date on what areas require it, and in those areas we make sure the professional includes it in their HealingWaze profile. If we miss one, please let us know!

Review Rules

Reviews are designed to help improve user experience on our site, and with the wellness professionals listed . Reviews are subject to approval by HealingWaze staff, but are not edited in any way. It is our right to choose whether to publish reviews or not. We encourage honest reviews based on your experience, good, bad or so-so, but bad-mouthing, foul language and slander will not be tolerated. If this is a personal vendetta or you’re copying and pasting from another site or media, then don’t waste your typing skills, because you will be flagged. Once flagged, we have to spend time researching your review, and in the end, it will probably be deleted anyway. Your email or personal information will not be published on this site, given to any of the wellness professionals or users or used in any way other than verification. But, by submitting a review, you do authorize us to release those details, including IP address if we’re required to by authorities.

Please remember, be honest and be kind. Karma is always at play.

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