Where do I find my membership benefits?

Your Practitioner Dashboard is where you'll find it all! Account Info Member Events Business Resources (including the HealingWaze University) Members Only Deals "Things We Love"....and more! We also have a Mighty Networks group for Holistic Success Members only. Once you join, you'll get an invite.

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What do you mean by “community”?

We're a community in the sense that we work together for ourselves, for each other, and for the industry as a whole; for the greater good. We meet online live twice a month (more if you're a holistic success member)to really connect. Get business support in the forums and social media groups. We will occasionally [...]

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How do I post events?

Click on "Add your Events" in the drop down "Events" menu while signed in (for Holistic Success Members only). Please title your event using this format- "City, State: Event Title" or "Online: Event Title" depending on if your event is in-person or virtual. After it's created you can edit and delete as needed.

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Is there a fee to join?

We offer Free listings as well as some paid membership options. Sign up HERE. We don't do featured/spotlight practitioners on the website, but instead help Holistic Success Members get more visibility on Social Media through spotlight posts, and as guests on Ambers Podcast, The Dragonfly Connection.

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What’s in it for me and my business?

Besides our whole-hearted dedication to you and the holistic health and wellness community, your free directory listing includes: Promotion & Advertising via Online, Social Media and Print Support from a community of like-minded practitioners A platform for public customer reviews Access to our private Facebook group and website forum-connecting you to business coaches, consultants and [...]

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What happens if someone leaves a fake review or just outright slanders me/my business?

Review monitoring is only available to Holistic Success Members. Slanderous reviews won’t make it past our review monitoring. If you feel that one has slipped by, contact us immediately to have it removed. If you're a Holistic Success Member and you know a review is fake (disgruntled employee, angry patient, ex-whatever, etc.) contact us via [...]

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Do I have to sign a contract?

No. A free listing is free and in our directory until you tell us to take it out. For our paid services, it’s a month-month subscription and you can cancel at anytime*, no questions asked. * Monthly SEO+ listing or membership fee cannot be prorated or refunded in any amount.

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I signed up and filled out my profile. What happens next?

Congrats! You’re on your way to being part of something awesome! For all listings, you're profile will first be reviewed to make sure you and your practice are legit. That can take up to 72 hours. If we have any questions, we'll email you. Otherwise you'll receive a confirmation email with your personal URL to [...]

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