Written By Gail Serna

How can a spiritual counselor help you find love again?

Cathy was miserable after she broke up with her boyfriend of 11 years. Her thoughts were almost unbearable as she tried to process the loss of her relationship and what it meant to her. A good friend referred her to a Spiritual Counselor.

Cathy wondered what a Spiritual Counselor did. Her friend explained they are not a licensed psychologist but can assist a person to understand patterns that are unhealthy and identify the source. Spiritual Counselor’s, in most cases, relieve suffering once the client has dealt with the PTSD issues that resulted from trauma.

Range of Emotions

Cathy misunderstood the basic teaching of the metaphysical community she was a part of. She though that it is was not acceptable to feel the full range of one’s emotions. Since she assumed that positivity is a state of mind, Cathy believed a person’s thoughts attract certain outcomes. What she learned is while ideas transmit energy, they should not replace the ability to allow for the full range of emotions and experiences in life.

We rarely understand why we have experiences that are upsetting but they are important for a person’s growth. The Spiritual Counselor helped Cathy cut cords, reframe beliefs, identify destructive behavior (including core attitudes about men) worked on monitoring her thoughts and taught her forgiveness exercises. Even though Cathy’s heart was aching, she allowed it and the healing to begin. She stopped judging the situation and dealt with her feelings.

What are Cords?

During her most formative years, Cathy’s relationship with her dad was tense and he was not the role model she required. She adapted similar issues towards men just like her Mom. Since she witnessed her mom and dad’s bitter divorce, Cathy used her empathic sensitivities to cope with the negative energy in her home. Now imagine these issues represented tree roots or cords. Figuratively speaking they were thick and attached to her energy body or aura.

While working with a spiritual counselor, Cathy developed her ability to change focus and work with the Divine Creator. She visualized the cords going into the light for healing, leaving only cords of love. Cathy knew she was on her path after the narrative she had been playing over and over in her mind lessened.

Positive affirmations and monitoring her thoughts supported Cathy’s quest to take on a new outlook towards men.

Forgiveness Exercises

Since Cathy never got the chance to tell her boyfriend how horribly he had treated her while they were a couple, the counselor took her on a series of guided meditations where she felt safe and heard. She had her angels surrounding her and in an altered awareness, she could talk directly to his subconscious. The silent conversation was very reassuring, and even though he was not right in front of her, it felt like she was having a telepathic connection with him. In her mind, this was very real.

After working through her emotions and healing, Cathy set a goal to attract a man who would support, nurture, and love her for who she was. Her Spiritual Counselor helped her gain clarity, learn to feel all of her emotions and to let her intuition guide her. Cathy began to make sound decisions and is now on a spiritually aligned path towards finding love again. Breaking up with a significant other can be hard to handle and emotionally draining. A Spiritual Counselor helped Cathy to recover from her anger and sadness.