Why some people have it all?

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By Holly Marie, Energy Healer and Life Coach

Ever wonder why some people have it all and others don’t? From health, to finances, to great relationships? It has to do with frequency vibration.

What are you holding on to that makes you attract more of it? Is it a victim mentality or is it love and success? What we hold creates our vibration and our frequency attraction.

Listen to your words as they create your very existence. Are you complaining? Are you always telling people what’s wrong in your life? With the world or with your family? The universe will mirror that right back to you and generously give you more! Most people who have “the good life” have an attitude of gratitude; they honor their blessings and help others, which amps up their heart energy and frequency.

I grew up very ill and depressed, because I was a fulfilling the victim prophecy…and it worked. I was so sick all of the time and instead of having friends, I was bullied. Nothing ever worked out! Through shamanic healing, I learned to flip the story and find beauty in many things.

Through this process, my health and life has improved greatly. I am not done with my journey, but now I have gratitude every day for the blessings in my life, the people in my life, and that weird little happy tingle that is always lingering around.

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