• Nurturing business through a library of resources, live support and coaching.

  • Cultivating health through education and promotion.

  • Growing community through our private local events, virtual meetups and Facebook group.

  • One fee for everybody! No ads to “feature” other practitioners; community over competition, always.

  • Membership is all inclusive with a listing in our powerful directory! Learn more.

The low success rate is our industry makes us really sad! 

We spend tons of time perfecting our skills. We learn, we practice— we do everything that’s needed to treat and heal our patients/clients. So, why do we struggle? What’s missing?

This is where HealingWaze can help — Support, Visibility, and Community with like-minded healing professionals.

Our powerful practitioner directory is designed to attract clients who are seeking YOUR services. If you like what you see in the directory, you’re going to love what happens behind the scenes: pure magic!

HealingWaze is nationwide…and we’re on a mission to normalize holistic health and alternative medicine across your city and beyond.

Lets break the mold and succeed. Become a member today! 

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All this for just $22/mo
($37 for clinics/groups of 2-10 practitioners).

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**HealingWaze was created for small business owners who have practices working one-on-one or in groups with clients/patients. To be eligible for a membership you must be a trained professional practitioner, not a product sales representative only. We don’t accept membership requests from franchise companies. Visit our FAQ for practitioners

15 No/Low Cost Marketing Tips

Before you go spending money on marketing, read this! 

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    HealingWaze members, Laura Rowe and Victor Barreda-Pazos 
    after a Watsu session