Meet the HealingWaze Team

Meet the HealingWaze Team2018-11-14T11:07:13+00:00

We welcome you to HealingWaze. Our passion is holistic, traditional, alternative and complimentary health care.

You’re not alone in seeking more effective, safer healing methods — The number of people turning to holistic healthcare is growing every day.

But, on the flip side, running a holistic health care practice and growing it, remains ever challenging. We help practitioners grow and sustain thriving businesses so you have an abundance of quality resources when you’re seeking care.

Leadership • Systems • Connection • Growth

business minded bodyworker

Amber Cook, The Business Minded BodyWorker
CEO HealingWaze, LLC

Amber is a holistic health crusader— serving clients and fellow practitioners since 2004. She and her husband Logan launched HealingWaze in 2017 after recognizing deep-seated needs of the public and of her fellow holistic practitioner. Learn More…

lead connector

Darcy Molloy, Certified Channel, Coach-Healer
Lead Connector

Belonging is a big deal for Darcy. That’s why one of her deepest satisfactions comes from connecting people to one another, and to resources that help them thrive. As a HealingWaze team member, she supports the community with opportunities for connection and growth, Learn more…

Laura Rowe, Intuitive Strategist, Spiritual Teacher, Business Priestess

Laura is an empath, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer. Through intuitive energy alignment and strategic business consulting, she helps practitioners and her clients align with their true nature and their spirit-led businesses. Learn more….

growth leader

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, MA, CBP, BAT, Author & Speaker
Growth Leader 

Lyn strives to help her fellow practitioner succeed in life and career —as she feels they are not mutually exclusive. Learn more…

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