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Boundaries: What’s your Wi-Fi Password?

By Christa Torralba After weeks of watching the house across the street sit vacant and having grand visions of our perfect new neighbors who would, of course, become our best friends and we would have each other over for dinner ... this was the question I was asked, "What's your WiFi password?" Let me [...]

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Clean Eating – What does it mean?

What exactly does Clean Eating mean? Clean eating is becoming a well-known and popular term. We even see celebrities and dietitians promoting and engaging in the concept. But do people really understand the true meaning behind eating clean or clean eating?   Clean eating is the true mindset of “we are what we eat”. Think of [...]

How To Choose An Ethical Psychic Or Intuitive Counselor

Picking a Psychic or Intuitive Counselor can be confusing due to the many titles they have. Because of some bad seeds in the industry, many are skeptical, and give up trying to find a reader before they even start. Hopefully, this article will help clarify some of the terms, and help you figure out what to look for when searching for a reader.

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Watsu For a Peaceful Pregnancy

Pregnant women are often exposed to high levels of stress that can really affect how they live their pregnancy and the development of the baby. Watsu during pregnancy has shown to be a great tool to reduce tension, stress and anxiety, and to increase bonding with the baby.

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Held in Love, Prayer, and Healing Energy

Sacred Circles assist us in our journey of healing and transformation in a powerful way, WHEN the container that holds the group is both strong and loving. Just like the cocoon that maintains the space for the caterpillar to become the butterfly, so do the containers we create for healing work.

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