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Watsu For a Peaceful Pregnancy

Pregnant women are often exposed to high levels of stress that can really affect how they live their pregnancy and the development of the baby. Watsu during pregnancy has shown to be a great tool to reduce tension, stress and anxiety, and to increase bonding with the baby.

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Held in Love, Prayer, and Healing Energy

Sacred Circles assist us in our journey of healing and transformation in a powerful way, WHEN the container that holds the group is both strong and loving. Just like the cocoon that maintains the space for the caterpillar to become the butterfly, so do the containers we create for healing work.

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True Healing vs Woo-Woo Medicine

“Woo” or “Woo-Woo” medicine is a slang or derogatory term used by people whom are skeptical of stepping outside of the box to experience the therapeutic, effective and true healing of traditional medicine (or alternative, holistic, or ancient medicine).