By Eye Of The Heart

One of our basic human needs is to belong.
We are born into families for a reason! We naturally are drawn to living in communities. And we grow and heal and transform within the context of a group of people who are supportive and loving. Who listen and share.

Would you like to be a part of a group of people with whom you can walk alongside in your journey of life? Be open with your spiritual experiences and beliefs? Share the raw and vulnerable times of life? I invite you, to consider joining or creating your own sacred circle.

What makes a group capable of holding these valuable, and sometimes, tender, places within us, is the kind of container that is created for it.

In a sacred circle, the intention is to establish a strong and loving container within which you are able to do the heart opening and soulful work of connecting, transforming, growing and healing.

Live circles are powerful, but online (virtual) can be just as powerful. 

I have seen amazing openings, revelations, and healing, that simply being a part of a circle has contributed to.

In a properly facilitated circle you are free to let go of:

  • fear of being judged
  • fear of expressing emotions in front of others
  • fear of going into a painful place inside that you would rather avoid
  • fear of taking time for yourself

Something deep inside you wants to dive in – that is the very thing to have a relationship with, to listen to, to stretch just a little.

I’ve watched it happen. And I’ve seen transformations, the old skin sloughing off and the new peaking out from underneath the old. It is an honor and a pleasure to witness.


What are you waiting for?