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Amber Cook

Amber is a holistic health crusader— serving clients and fellow practitioners since 2004. She and her husband Logan launched HealingWaze in 2017 after recognizing deep-seated needs of the public and of her fellow holistic practitioner. They stepped up to create the catalyst you need: with the power of combined resources, increased visibility, ongoing support, and ease of access for patients trying to find holistic health care. 

As a Reiki practitioner and massage therapist, Amber is committed to helping those that seek wellness —find it. She believes quality holistic health care is a right for everyone. Her personal mission is to educate the public and support non-profits that make holistic health care available to the lower income population.

After coming through the other side of domestic abuse, becoming a single parent at a young age, and growing a successful holistic practice without formal business training; Amber has mastered the art of business, and knows how to grow a successful practice on a small budget.

Like most healing practitioners, Amber started her practice to serve and help others with health challenges. Over time, she also became a coach and mentor to other practitioners-realizing this passion was just as great as her passion for helping others heal. Through this coaching she realized practitioners still had unmet needs, such as:

Who does a practitioner turn to for ongoing education, support and feedback?

How do they successfully manage a business with a small budget?

How do people find them in a sea of scattered practitioners?

Well, now they find HealingWaze and a community of practitioners dedicated to increasing access to holistic health care!

At the end of the day, Amber enjoys spending time in nature or at home with her best friend, Logan, and their kids. Currently she lives near Portland Oregon and loves to travel. She strives to empower those seeking health and the practitioners behind it.

If you’d like to know more, I’d love to hear from you.

~Amber Cook, Your Growth Friend
CEO of HealingWaze, LLC

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