Laura Rowe, Intuitive Strategist, Spiritual Teacher, Business Priestess

Leadership • Connection • Growth

Laura is an empath, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer. Through intuitive energy alignment and strategic business consulting, she helps HealingWaze practitioners and her clients align with their true nature and their spirit-led businesses.

Members of HealingWaze can meet with Laura twice/month for a live mastermind focusing on business growth, while looking forward to her weekly inspiration.

As a systems thinker, she educates people on the connections between mind, body, and spirit as well as our own innate ability to heal through conscious, deliberate self-awareness. Laura has a background in business operations and a master’s degree in organizational management. She was mentored for five years by Linda Kardos in spiritual and energy medicine teachings and a completed year of intuitive energy training with Trisha Michael. Laura is also certified in Reiki and Theta Healing.

Laura has a thriving practice serving empaths and lightworkers; allowing them to live more deliberate and authentic lives through compassionate empowerment. She believes each of us is a powerful beyond measure.

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Amber Cook

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