By Gail Serna
July 9th, 2017

Let me explain why I love Mediumship and what it means to me. What gives me comfort is my ability to connect with deceased loved ones otherwise known as the practice of Mediumship. Although Mediumship doesn’t replace the loss of the human it does help us to realize that the soul is eternal and love never dies. Mediumship is like making a phone call between two worlds. The Medium is the instrument for the spirit to communicate through and will be able to get what spirit gives and pass it on. Through our psychic senses, we have trained ourselves to hear, see, sense or feel those in spirit. For every physical sense, there is a matching psychic sense. With practice and meditation, you can learn a great deal about how to make the connection with the spirit world and free yourself of your own emotional baggage.
When spirit makes the transition they will enter the Hall of Records or the Akashic records where they watch a movie of their life and go into council with their spirit support team. Spirit resides with God or Infinite Intelligence. Infinite Intelligence is energy and is nonjudgmental.
From my own personal experience, My Dad passed away when I was in my late 20’s. When he died I had a good family friend who was very spiritually based. She was a positive influence on me and referred me to a psychic medium. During this session I knew based on the information she brought through or evidence that she was talking to my dad. He was very remorseful for his actions on the Earth and wanted my forgiveness. This session left a positive impact on me both physically and emotionally. It was a very healing and I remember feeling the trapped energy leave my back. I felt better and stood up straighter. I had to know more about the process for myself. My journey began to unfold and I have never looked back. Working with Infinite Intelligence or God has given me a great sense of satisfaction and much-needed self-confidence that I did not grow up with. Since my dad’s passing several other family members have made their transition.
Our dearly departed loved ones are right here with us. A trained medium will match the vibration of where the spirit is. Making a connection with a spirit takes grounding, being in touch with your spirit support team, adjusting your chakras, adding protection and stating your intention. It allows us an understanding of what happens with our loved ones after we die and what will become of us too. It is nothing to fear and mediumship is so interesting to practice. Having a good mediumship session will help humans who are suffering move past their grief. Serving God in this way has been very rewarding. I personally am at my best when I am bathed in the loving energy of the Infinite Intelligence. Developing my psychic senses has been more than a passion. It has turned into my life’s work like it is a calling.
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