By Amber Cook, LMT
Owner of HealingWaze

At 23 years old I had Migraines, Depression, Painful-Irregular Periods,

                                            Body Aches, regular Digestive upset of various kinds,

                                                              Pet AllergiesSkin Rashes, and caught every kind of cold going around.

Not normal for a  23 year old. Not “normal” for anyone!

I had seen various medical doctors for many of these issues, some since childhood. Over the years I was prescribed:

Migraine Medicine
Birth Control
Prozac (anti-depressant)
Various Antacids
Multiple types of Allergy Medicine
Creams, ect.
And, often told I just needed to lose weight.

(Ok, so the weight loss I can get behind, it can and will help people with alot of what ailes them.)

Other than that, I was just a medical guinea pig. I never felt good about their diagnoses and medicine, because I had been obsessed with healthy living, and natural remedies from an early age. But, I also didn’t know I had other options outside of an M.D.. Back then the internet wasn’t like it is now, and insurance didn’t pay for many alternative health care methods. I eventually got myself the first addition of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”* and my first detox book. I was determined to take control of my health! *See book link below*

Things improved dramatically for me by doing a detox, or cleanse, eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet, and doing regular Yoga. My migraines went away completely, along with my pet allergies. My periods normalized and my weird rashes went away.

But, I knew things could be even better.

In 2003, while in Massage School, I first learned about Naturopathic DoctorsI was on a mission to find out how I could get a Medical Doctor to refer me to an N.D….because that was the only way my insurance would let me see an N.D. (Thankfully, now, in many states, that has changed or is changing). I did finally find one who was sceptical, but gave in because she basically thought an N.D. was just a glorfied nutritional therapist, and figured I just needed help learning how to eat better because I was a little overweight.

Well, whatever! I’m thankful for that Doctor, and hope she’s been enlightened since then.

Sitting down with an N.D. for the first time, was the most beautiful healthcare experience of my life (imagine a light from the heavens shining down on her as she sat cross legged in front of me with my chart in hand). She spent 2 hours with me going over every detail of my lifes health history, eating habits, lifestyle…all of it. She took all kinds of blood tests…and even fecal tests. Gross, but as I learned later, very helpful. She even examined my tongue and fingernails. All things my M.D would have never done. And, the best part, she really, fully listened to me. 

I don’t remember the details of my first treatment plan, but it started with what I was eating, which by conventional medicine would have been considered very healthy. I had to cut out some things, and eat more of others. That’s the first time I heard the words “gluten-free”, and celiac disease. That is another story, for another time!

It wasn’t easy, but after seeing her for awhile and sticking to her treatment plan, I felt like a 26 year old should feel. 

Had I known what a huge impact that N.D. was going to make on my life, I would have written her name down. I didn’t think I’d ever reach a time in my life where I couldn’t remember names (a sign, I’m sure, that I’m lacking a vitamin or mineral!).

That N.D. and her medicine changed…rather saved my life. This article is dedicated to her and all the N.D’s everywhere. They are a very special bunch of healing professionals, dedicated to treating the causes rather than just masking the symptoms. I believe, true, Holistic Health is their mission.

I now am fortunate enough to have a Naturopathic Doctor as my primary care provider, and will only see an M.D or specialist when referred by my N.D.