HealingWaze loves and encourages blog posting.

We’re looking for valuable content to help our readers (your potential patients) learn more about alternative healthcare. We want to help them and the community stay up to date on the latest healing methods, trends and advances within the industry.

As a side benefit, posting articles helps boost your public credibility and profile exposure in search engines.

We welcome all styles of writings, but do have guidelines. Please read before submitting articles.

First and foremost, the content needs to be detailed and a benefit to our visitors nationwide. We want real, human, educated content directly related to alternative healthcare. Please see articles already published on our site for ideas and clarification.

Submissions must:

  • Contain at least 500 words
  • Be 100% original, but can be previously published by you on other platforms
  • Be well written, proof-read, and edited for spelling or grammar errors
  • Include a title and authors full name
  • Not be obviously self-promoting
  • Include hyperlinks to data or statistics cited

Ways to not get your article published:

  • By submitting anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme
  • By submitting articles that are obviously promotional for your company or others
  • By writing anything offensive, inaccurate, or copied
  • By submitting content that is critical of others or their company; We like to keep a positive vibe on HealingWaze

Login to your account and go to the “Submit a blog” link from the Practitioner Dashboard, then submit your article. If your article meets all our guidelines we’ll give it some more editing if needed. If we have any questions or revisions needed by you, we’ll email you. Otherwise, we’ll just post it. If submission isn’t accepted, we’ll let you know by email with an explanation. The entire process may take up to 4 weeks. As our company grows, this will go quicker.

HealingWaze, LLC reserves the right to edit, update and adapt your blog submissions posted on our site as we see fit, and update it in the future if needed. We reserve the right to include calls-to-action on your submission to HealingWaze content, included but not limited to email newsletters, featured articles, and our social media platforms.

In rare cases, HealingWaze, LLC may remove blog submissions, without explanation.

Authors can remove their blog submission, by sending a request in writing to Blogs@HealingWaze.com, subject line “Remove”. May take up to 2 weeks for removal.