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Practice description

I am a psychic medium and spiritual counselor and I help people move forward on their path to ease suffering. My readings include a combination of techniques including mediumship, psychic readings, angel guidance, and energetic healings.

Mediumship– I am an evidential medium. I will bring through information so you realized your deceased loved one has been reached. From there the message. A good mediumship session will allow the client to realize that their loved one is in the light and is ok. This will ease the mind and leave you with a sense of peace. I also work with families who lost a loved one due to suicide and cross souls into the light when necessary.

Psychic Readings– My strongest reading is centered around career and life purpose but I also counsel people on family matters, relationships, new love or how to find love. Basically a psychic reading will give you a road map of practical things that you can use right away to make your life easier.

Another technique that I use in my readings is energy clearing and cord cutting. You know you need an energy clearing session if you have been in a bad mood for more than three days and are taking things out on the people closest to you.  Visualize a cord as a tree roots and they attach to your energy body when you think about a situation you are having in a negative manner.  We will clear out these cords, adjust your chakras which are the seven energy centers up the base of your spine. You may not be able to see them but energy is very real and can affect you in profound ways. I teach you how to ground, clear, and shield yourself  so that you control the shots and not the other way around.

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Vary based on the length of the session see services page for more details.

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Meditation MP3 that is available for download called “Your Guardian Angel.”

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Reviews (10)

June 18 2018

Hi Gail, really enjoyed your Angel Circle on Saturday morning! So glad that I went. I received interesting knowledge and insights to my creativity issue Hope to see you for a personal reading sometime in the near future 🙂 My friend Dee Ann also thought the circle was great and brought her joy!

January 31 2018

Gail is the real deal! So kind, compassionate and right on track. My reading with her was super healing, answered some festering questions, and has helped me get back on track with my life and business.

S. Mcguire
October 4 2017

I had my first session with Gail. I chose her because I felt drawn to her. I felt an immediate connection with her, she made me feel comfortable. She has a very loving and caring soul. I will definitely be going back. She was very through and descriptive. I would highly recommend.

Rose F
August 25 2017

I’ve had several readings from Gail. I always find her warm, approachable, and kind. She gives great readings and lots of practical advice to help make the most of the information.

Susan stooks
August 11 2017

Allow Gail to help you navigate life’s journey through the angel realm!

August 8 2017

Gail is by far one of the kindest, most caring and intuitive souls I’ve ever met. She has a warmth about her that really helps you focus and connect with those you are seeking. I’ve had a number of sessions with Gail and each and every time she brings about information that no one could just randomly know about me and my loved ones. If ever you’re looking to connect with the spiritual realm and unveil the knowledge you’ve been seeking, whether through readings or simply through a meditative/centering session, Gail is the one to help you get there!!

August 7 2017

Gail Serna is a natural at connecting with the angelic realm. The information that she channels flows easily and the relevance of the message will strike a chord of authenticity. If you are looking for answers to questions or want to connect with someone who has passed over, Gail, with the angelic realm will not disappoint.

Olivia Howard
August 4 2017

My reading with Gail was amazing. She has a gift and a wonderful way of explaining difficult topics in a loving way. I look forward to future readings with her.

July 31 2017

I have had several readings with Gail over the years and she’s amazing! She has the ability to get straight to the issue and is able to offer guidance with accuracy and compassion.

Her gifts have helped me immensely when I’m in a quandary regarding which direction to take concerning my career and my calling. After our sessions, I always feel incredibly uplifted, hopeful, and have the confidence I would not have otherwise had.

I highly encourage other to seek Gail’s guidance!

July 30 2017

Gail has such a warm and loving energy she immediately put me at ease. I have a hard time trusting sometimes, so when Gail brought through information from a deceased family member, she backed it up with proof a couple of times so I was sure of who it was.

At the time I had this reading I was in the middle of an extremely stressful and upsetting situation, and the information Gail shared not only helped me see this situation in a more positive light, it gave me hope for the future.

And she was right…the Angel cards were spot on and the channelled messages were perfect. The situation I was going through has totally changed and is better than ever – exactly as she said it would be.

I’m so grateful that I chose to have a reading with Gail that day and I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help.

Other business info

Patients accepted: Female
Ages treated: Adults
Conditions treated: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health
Same day appointments: No
Outcall/home visits: Yes
Office type: Clinic

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Credit

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