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I am a certified holistic herbalist and skilled intuitive empath specialized in mind, body, spirit realignment. Our forest to bottle herbal remedies are aimed at holistic healing. I also provide 1:1 sessions for deep inner exploration of getting to the root cause of blocks, fears, and disconnections.

Each of us comes into the world as a unique expression of the 5 elements and have different needs for finding vitality. Remembering that we are part of the natural rhythms of life connects us with harmony and wellness. Finding holistic balance is not a destination, but rather an ongoing process. From the foods we eat, the way we move our bodies, to our connection with Nature and Spirit, each moment presents an opportunity to find vital equilibrium. Working one on one provides an invaluable experience of being fully supported while exploring your own depths and what it means to find balance within yourself.

As a holistic practitioner, it is my goal to meet you exactly where you are with no judgements and move forward from there. It is not until we feel truly seen in our darkness that healing and integration can occur.

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