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Neurofeedback is considered by many to be the most advanced brain training technology available today. It helps children (and adults) manage anxiety, reduce stress and perform better at school.

“Enjoy every minute!” How many times have you heard that? How can you enjoy every minute when you’re too emotionally taxed and drained from your full time job of “parent”? Neurofeedback will help take the edge off and help you enjoy more minutes…maybe not every one, but more of them.

Beaverton Neurofeedback uses the NeurOptimal®system – one of the most highly evolved forms of neurofeedback, safe and effective for all ages.After founder, Olga Ward, experienced the positive life-changing power of neurofeedback on herself and her loved ones; she made it her mission to help others in the same way.

Olga knows first hand the stressful life of a parent…and has struggled with “enjoying every minute” herself. She and her husband are parents of both a biological and an adoptive child and provide intermittent therapeutic foster care with GOBHI for children with trauma and attachment issues. Both of her children have struggled with varying degrees of mental health issues including anxiety, developmental trauma, sleep, nightmares, and ADHD.

Neurofeedback has been a game changer for her, her kids, and family. Because of this, Olga’s passion is helping children become their healthiest, best selves; restoring or creating harmony in the family.

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for these sessions. I was under a ton of stress, couldn’t sleep at night due to anxiety from the pressure I was under at work etc. The sessions don’t require you to “dig deep”, you simply relax and are lulled into a very Zen-like state. After just three sessions, my friends commented that they hadn’t noticed me “this fun and carefree” in a LOOONG time. They were aware of the sessions I had been attending and feel as if they noticed a difference shortly after I started. And FINALLY, I sleep ALL NIGHT again!” – Jill W.

Beaverton Neurofeedback offers many different options to meet you where you are. In-person sessions, equipment training and rental for you to use on your own, and Olga can even help you in purchasing your own equipment for ongoing care.

While neurofeedback is Olgas primary offering, she also offers Access Bars®, a hands on energy modality. By gently touching specific points on the head, this approach releases the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.

Ask for a sample Bars® session during your regular neurofeedback session. Schedule here.

Not sure if neurofeedback or Access Bars® is for you? 15 minute phone consultations are FREE!


Contact us for per session fees, rental options and purchasing your own equipment.

3-session new client special – $100 off!
Self-schedule your first 2 sessions online and your 3rd is FREE.

We accept all major credit cards including HSA/FSA. If you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) designed to pay for health-related expenses not covered by insurance, you may be able use it toward neurofeedback/biofeedback and save money.

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Other business info

Patients accepted: Any
Ages treated: Infant, Children, Teens, Adults
Conditions treated: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Mental Health, PTSD, Postpartum, Restless Leg Syndrome, Stress, Stroke, Trauma
Same day appointments: Yes
Outcall/home visits: Yes
Office type: Other

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Credit, Mobile Pay, Paypal

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