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Britta Healing Arts

625 Ridge Street 
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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Phone Number: 4342492999
Email: britta@energyhealing.care

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All sessions are over the phone or via email.
Unlock better health, better relationships, and more abundance in your life.
Do you feel like an unseen force is holding you back or causing dis-ease in your body? Release trapped emotions from your body and reset energetic imbalances and start living a joyful life without emotional baggage.

“The amount of immediate relief in my back is shocking. I’m moving so much more freely than I have in days. Crazy!” – Meghan E.

“Britta is a true healer. Her passion and intuitive abilities shine through. As soon as she had removed my hidden and regular heart walls and walked me through visualization practices, I met my husband.” -Melissa M

“I am 71 years old and still ride and show horses. The care of my aging body is everything to me. With age I noticed a loss of energy, no matter how clean my diet, of course there is all those pains both large and small from years of physical work. I do not medicate with prescription drugs or OTC pain killers as these drugs are very hard on the body. My go to choice of care is the Body Code and Emotional Code. For this I see Britta every other week for a recharge. She keeps me young and energetic, and pain free. With Britta I have also gone deep into the Emotional baggage of my horses. The result is happier and easier training.” -Catherine S, Horse Trainer

Britta Keller, certified Emotion Code® and Body Code Practitioner

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Anne K
February 9 2021

With all that’s happening in the world and my world today, I am so grateful to have Britta’s powerful healing to put me back on track when things come tumbling into my internal life. She always helps me put myself back on course.


January 1 1970

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