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3727 SW Comus St 
Portland, OR 97219

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Phone Number: 5038925160
Email: stephen@mokuti.net

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At Mokuti Medical Arts, we provide a variety of treatments based on Classical Chinese Medicine principles helping patients to regain their natural state of harmony. Our services are customized and may include Medical Qigong, Qigong Tuina, Acupuncture, Diet and Lifestyle Coaching, Herbal Prescriptions, Massage, and Prescriptive Qigong Exercises. We offer holistic treatment for autoimmune disease, respiratory disorders, cancer care, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, neurological conditions, sports injury, accident recovery, non-pharmaceutical pain management, preventative care, and general health and well-being. Every patient is unique and their condition is ever-evolving; therefore, each visit will be customized and tailored to the patient’s current needs. In addition to medical treatment, we offer a variety of educational and practice classes. Each week we offer Medical Qigong for Optimal Health, and Neigong (internal cultivation practices). We also offer Qigong workshops with continuing educational credits (PDAs for LACs and CEUs for LMTs), and certification for Medical Qigong practitioners throughout the year. For more information, please visit our website at www.mokuti.net. Call our office and schedule an appointment today at 503-892-5160.

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