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Clear the blocked energy from past life karma with Akashic healing!

Realize optimal balance in mind, body, and life. Natalie Pfund is a Holistic Nutritionist, Akashic Healer, & Life Coach specializing in identifying life purpose, overcoming negative cycles, body positive weight loss/balance, growth mindset, food sensitivities, intuitive eating, inspired motivation, life balance, self love, relationship health, and goal crushing.

Nourishing passion, cultivating creativity, and seeking lightheartedness are essential sub tasks on the journey to reaching more tangible and common goals. Taking care of the body and mind begins with taking care of the person (soul/energy) inside. Our job in this life isn’t just to be physically fit and intelligent, but instead to chase our best selves as a means to share our unique gifts to our greatest ability while we’re here.

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$149.00 per 120 Minute Akashic Clearing Session,
$595.00 for the Love Your Body Now 90 day online course (Self Study online curriculum & includes 3 Live Akashic Clearing Sessions)
$999.00 for The Secret Garden – One on One – 12 weeks, 7 sessions, activation and journey to your next level self

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Online course memberships: Love Your Body Now, & Love Based Motivation
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Reviews (5)

Lindsey Darnell
November 30 2020

When I had my Akashic clearing with Natalie, I had just been let go from my job. On top of that I was watching myself engage in destructive patterns in my dating life and I couldn’t wrap my mind around why I was repeating this cycle again. The session itself was a powerful experience that I joked felt like ten years of therapy. In a way I could feel my brain re-wiring during and for awhile after. The weeks after my session I felt myself opening up to intimacy in my relationship and making the choice to trust that I was safe to do so. I don’t know if I’ve felt that free in my heart before. Even my partner noticed that I’m happier, more at peace, and easier to connect with. And it feels so good to feel that way! The icing on the cake was that out of the blue I was offered a project that paid really well. This was such a welcome financial blessing at an important time. Both of these wins were directly related to the session themes. It was a powerful experience, and I look forward to working with Natalie again soon.

Christine W.
September 28 2019

I have worked with Natalie in a range of capacities over last several years in a way that is likely best summed up as "life coach." I initially came to her for nutrition concerns ("What do you mean eating spoonfuls of Splenda isn't the key to weight loss?" - me, lol), and though she had me trading in my sugary instant oatmeal breakfasts for eggs and wilted spinach, the real value I've taken from our time together has been about so much more than just telling me what foods to eat. She has facilitated my long journey towards self-love and arriving at a place where I am able to love myself and my body in a way that is authentic and genuine—but that also doesn't require losing sight of my fitness goals. It's just a kinder, happier, healthier approach.

Natalie is not a trained therapist (I have one of those!), but I have appreciated the more direct approach she takes and how she isn't afraid to put an idea out there and see how it lands with me. There are times I have specifically requested a call "asap," and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the outcome of certain areas of my life would have been very different (in a bad way) were it not for her guidance at those particular times.

Natalie is a great nutrition coach and a wealth of information, but the arena of helping women to understand and fully embody what it means to love themselves and their bodies is where she shines brightest. She has changed my life, and has the capacity to change yours. I can't say enough good things and would be happy to personally talk to anyone who is considering her services about my experience in working with her.

Erica B
March 25 2019

Natalie's body love course was full of good vibes. She really helped you walk through the tough (and sometimes painful) transition from judgment to body love. I would 100% recommend this to everyone!

September 3 2018

Having a session with Natalie helped me organize all the straggling tangents spinning off of me into a manageable plan. She helped me organize a timetable so I would be more efficient and not just “busy”. Things are starting to fall into place. She has many life skills to offer that can help you work through any road blocks. Sound and proficient tools to guide you. Definitely worth consulting with her to get or stay on track with your goals.

July 16 2018

Natalie is someone that is down to earth and easy to talk with. She shares stories that are relatable and inspiring! She is someone that is wanting to make a positive impact in our world. I highly recommend her and her services!!

A. Cook
June 17 2017

I went to massage school with Natalie, and although at the time she hadn't started nutrition and health coaching as a profession, it was definitely already her passion. She is smart, friendly, and loves helping others better themselves.

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Patients accepted: Any
Ages treated: Adults
Conditions treated: Addiction, Adrenal Disorders, Aging, Allergies, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diet, Digestive Disorder, Eating Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Mental Health, Stress, Weight Management
Same day appointments: No
Outcall/home visits: No
Office type: Other

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Credit