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Practice description

Living spiritually, doing what I love every single day is the journey my soul has brought forth within me over the last 10 years.

Spirituality has been a lifetime integration for me and it feeds into every facet of my being. I’ve been practicing Reiki and Energy Alchemy for lifetimes and the past 10 years have been all about remembering my soul calling and learning to follow it.

I envision a world where Spirituality is widely accepted. Where it’s not just safe but embraced to express your Spirituality in whatever way feels good to you. I believe that energy flows through everything and that through working with your energy and the energy of your environment you can transform your life to have the freedom to do what you love every single day.

Through intuition and working with energy, I teach you to step into the most powerful version of yourself and create a life and business that you love. I help you to uncover your natural ability to work with energy and your psychic gifts, to find your passions, and pursue your purpose so that you can live authentically, freely, passionately and love every moment!

Natasha has been a true Angel ? It took me some time to recognize that diving into the spiritual world wasn’t just “good for me”, it was absolutely necessary to finally see shifts for the better, especially in areas that felt like weren’t ever going to change. I had a ton of letting go to do, had to honestly look at issues of self worth, setting appropriate boundaries with people (especially those closest to me!) and recognizing how my limiting beliefs about myself were holding me back from living the life I want and experiencing JOY!

I’m truly thankful for opening up to Natasha and her work because it was through her that my hope was renewed. I recommend her services to everyone with SO much enthusiasm!! Thank you so much Natasha!!” – Eve

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Services Offered: Reiki, Spiritual Guidance, Coaching, and Education, Reiki Courses, Spiritual Business Coaching, Intuitive Readings

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New Client Session Special-$125 (Regular $190)
Free Consultations available.

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DoTerra essential oils, Sacred Beauty CBD

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Reviews (2)

Gail Serna Psychic Medium
February 23 2021

"I love working with Natasha. I was looking for someone to help me take my clients on a journey when they landed on my website. Natasha is helping me to formulate my Website's content so that it flows better. I think her process is sound and I like the way she started out by interviewing me about each one of my services, so I was clear on who I served and what the offer was for. I am so excited for my website to take shape and as I integrate the changes, I can see how it will help more clients find me online. Natasha is a spiritual business coach which fits my personality, and I am so happy the universe brought us together. She is just what I needed to help my clients find me online." Gail Serna Psychic Medium

Gail Serna Psychic Medium
December 9 2020

I really enjoyed this your course, Business Planning 2021 Mastermind. The handout you made was super helpful and you made me look at my business goals in a whole new way. Plus I resonated with the spiritual aspect of how we plan our business. I am looking forward to attending more of your programming. Your classes help me to structure my business.

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New Client Session Special-$125 (Regular $190)

Other business info

Patients accepted: Female
Ages treated: Adults
Conditions treated: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, PTSD, Stress, Trauma, Women’s Health
Same day appointments: No
Outcall/home visits: No
Office type: Spa

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Credit, Mobile Pay