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Gail offers intuitive readings including: psychic, mediumship, reiki/energy healing, and spiritual counseling. She is also an Intuition Development Mentor Teacher. Her readings will give you a roadmap of steps you can use and help you uncover your correct path.

Gail works online and uses either Zoom or the phone. If you would like a recording, then please use Zoom. Gail works by appointment only and once you purchase a session, she will reach out to you by text to schedule the appointment. Gail uses each modality in a reading and will ask you how you want to spend the time. As an intuitive reader, people seek her out for a psychic reading or mediumship session.

Some combine both in one reading. Gail likes to reserve the 30-minute reading for Mediumship work and the hour reading for psychic insight, channeling, and spiritual counseling. Gail is proud to be on your team as your spiritual practitioner, but if you are experiencing trauma or need medical attention, please seek those most qualified to help you.

She loves this work and has seen her tools relieve suffering and ease people’s minds when they are ready. Working with Spirit is gratifying and loving.


Gail offers hour, half-hour, two-hour readings, and a five-hour spiritual counseling program meeting once a week for five weeks. She also teaches a five-week course about the mechanics of psychic development and a three-month program working one on one with the client. This is experiential work.

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Reviews (22)

May 1 2022

I booked an hour long reading with Gail as result of a conversation I had with her where she intuited some things about a tragic event that took place. As an intuitive myself with mediumship skills, I was impressed with not only what she said but how she offered it. That is really important as I am sensitive to psychic boundaries. So about 6 months later, I decided I would book the reading with her in hopes of getting some closure on this individual’s tragic and untimely death. Within a few minutes of the reading, she had established connection with this person and offered me a message (from them) that was both emotional and freeing for me. I am grateful to Gail for her ability to utilize her gifts to help me and many others. If you are in a place of confusion, stagnancy, or as I was, loss by death, and need assistance in healing, I highly recommend Gail to assist you in receiving illumination, love, and healing.


Gail Serna

Felicia, I really appreciate your feedback. I am so glad you listened to your own intuition and decided to wait six months before having a reading. Mediumship can be an amazing tool and will relieve suffering when the client is ready.

Luisa Skup
September 3 2021

I've always been an intuitive person. In fact, my oldest memory is from when I was two years old and I told my mom not to take a certain way to go to the store, she didn't listen, and she got robbed. But, for some years, I quieted that voice and even forgot about it.

A few years ago, the Universe started "talking" to me louder and, although I have been paying more attention, I wanted to further develop this aspect. So I signed up for a class with @psychicmediumgail and it's been a fantastic journey!

I have identified my strongest psychic senses. I have developed the ones that were not too strong, I have had Akashic records journeys (find more about it on her blog) where I could even heal some past life stuff that revealed in this life's physical pain, I have used Mediumship to help clients who were grieving their pets, delivering a more clear insight to clients who come to receive Energy Healing or Reiki Sessions. And also in my day-to-day life tapping into it and receiving grace and guidance.

Today I'm feeling proud and feel accomplished that I have finished this program, and I'm grateful to Gail for being a wonderful mentor. She created a wonderful safe container where I felt comfortable practicing and discovering my gifts. and I'm ready to share them with the world!


Gail Serna

Thank you for your feedback. Luisa, I love how profound it is for a person to develop their intuition. It was my honor to work with you for 3 months and watch you go down your spiritual journey.

Natasha Olson
April 7 2021

I've been working with Gail for the past 3 months in her Intuition Development mentorship program. As a Reiki Master, I've always had access to my Intuition but I decided to work with Gail because I was struggling to trust my intuition and the messages I was receiving from my Spirit Team. I also wanted to deepen and strengthen the connection to my client's Spirit Team in my work. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Gail, she is kind, compassionate, and supportive. She's helped me to feel so much more confident in my abilities and given me the structure needed to practice my intuitive muscles. Since signing up with Gail, I feel more confident, connected, and my relationship with my Spirit Team is stronger than ever. I would recommend her mentorship to anyone wanting to deepen their intuitive abilities.


Gail Serna

It was my pleasure to work with you, Natasha. I am so glad my 3-month program helped you to trust your intuition and to feel confident and pass on messages from Spirit that you are receiving to your own clients. I also love how you started teaching people to develop their intuition as well.

December 13 2020

I had a lovely 30 minute reading with Gail. I was surprised how much could happen in such a short time…it seemed much longer.

Working with her brought some long time patterns to the surface and helped me to refine my spiritual focus. A couple of things that have improved are a more regular connection with my guides and trust in my own intuition.

Those hoping to make a deeper connection with the Divine and become aware of limiting patterns would benefit greatly from working with Gail.

September 23 2020

I value the guidance and higher levels of wisdom that I've received from Gail and the Soul's Collective. It's accurate and helpful. I highly recommend a session with Gail. Her work is heart centered and she truly cares about humanity.

Great for kids!
September 8 2020

I hired Gail to give a reading for my confused teenage daughter. Gail had so much insight and so many pearls of wisdom for my teen. She found it full of hopes and possibilities. If you are on the fence, book a 30-minute session. You'll be glad you did! Thank you!

Nancy vail
September 5 2020

Gail really helped me to know the path of my mother...she passed a month ago. It has torn the family apart. Gail assured me that mom is okay..I was worried about her transition. She’s ok and I’m happy for that. One less thing to fear. The family is not doing well...I have my own torment which I might ask Gail to help me with. But I am relieved she has moved on safely.

P. Hill
August 25 2020

Gail has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on and weaves intuited information from many sources as the session dictates. I found our session going in surprising directions and was delighted with her talents and presence.

Theresa S.
May 12 2020

Gail is a really gifted intuitive! She has the ability to zero in on the core issues you are dealing with and offer divinely guided solutions. She was spot on with many of her insights. I loved the reading I received and look forward to having more in the future! <3

Robin Skov
December 3 2019

A session with Gail is a wonderful treat to give to yourself. I keep reading the notes I made and I find new bits of wisdom each time. Really really helpful information and a meaningful connection!

Ivana G
July 29 2019

I went through very hard time. My dear friend passed away. Gail offered her help. She knew things that nobody else know, she bring some closure to me . There are many psychic in this world but only few true ones, Gail is definitely one of them. Her service to me was priceless. Thank you Gail Serna .

April 5 2019

Gail did some distance Reiki on me and it almost instantly relaxed my shoulder. Amazing!

June 18 2018

Hi Gail, really enjoyed your Angel Circle on Saturday morning! So glad that I went. I received interesting knowledge and insights to my creativity issue Hope to see you for a personal reading sometime in the near future ? My friend Dee Ann also thought the circle was great and brought her joy!

January 31 2018

Gail is the real deal! So kind, compassionate and right on track. My reading with her was super healing, answered some festering questions, and has helped me get back on track with my life and business.

S. Mcguire
October 4 2017

I had my first session with Gail. I chose her because I felt drawn to her. I felt an immediate connection with her, she made me feel comfortable. She has a very loving and caring soul. I will definitely be going back. She was very through and descriptive. I would highly recommend.

Rose F
August 25 2017

I've had several readings from Gail. I always find her warm, approachable, and kind. She gives great readings and lots of practical advice to help make the most of the information.

Susan stooks
August 11 2017

Allow Gail to help you navigate life's journey through the angel realm!

August 8 2017

Gail is by far one of the kindest, most caring and intuitive souls I've ever met. She has a warmth about her that really helps you focus and connect with those you are seeking. I've had a number of sessions with Gail and each and every time she brings about information that no one could just randomly know about me and my loved ones. If ever you're looking to connect with the spiritual realm and unveil the knowledge you've been seeking, whether through readings or simply through a meditative/centering session, Gail is the one to help you get there!!

August 7 2017

Gail Serna is a natural at connecting with the angelic realm. The information that she channels flows easily and the relevance of the message will strike a chord of authenticity. If you are looking for answers to questions or want to connect with someone who has passed over, Gail, with the angelic realm will not disappoint.

Olivia Howard
August 4 2017

My reading with Gail was amazing. She has a gift and a wonderful way of explaining difficult topics in a loving way. I look forward to future readings with her.

July 31 2017

I have had several readings with Gail over the years and she’s amazing! She has the ability to get straight to the issue and is able to offer guidance with accuracy and compassion.

Her gifts have helped me immensely when I’m in a quandary regarding which direction to take concerning my career and my calling. After our sessions, I always feel incredibly uplifted, hopeful, and have the confidence I would not have otherwise had.

I highly encourage other to seek Gail’s guidance!

July 30 2017

Gail has such a warm and loving energy she immediately put me at ease. I have a hard time trusting sometimes, so when Gail brought through information from a deceased family member, she backed it up with proof a couple of times so I was sure of who it was.

At the time I had this reading I was in the middle of an extremely stressful and upsetting situation, and the information Gail shared not only helped me see this situation in a more positive light, it gave me hope for the future.

And she was right...the Angel cards were spot on and the channelled messages were perfect. The situation I was going through has totally changed and is better than ever - exactly as she said it would be.

I'm so grateful that I chose to have a reading with Gail that day and I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help.

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