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10211 SW Barbur Blvd 
Portland, Oregon 97219

Website: visit website
Phone Number: (503) 853-5129
Email: stephaniebrannan.lmt@gmail.com

License number: 22014

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April 10 2018

I found Stephanie Brannan via Groupon and had the worst experience I’ve ever had with anyone in service. She didn’t have a phone or email and I had to reach out to her on Facebook to get in touch with her. I see that she has her contact info on Yelp but this wasn’t on the Groupon. I had to set an appointment for my massage 4-5 weeks out as she was booked because of the Groupon response. I wrote the appointment on my wall calendar but forgot to put it into my iPhone calendar. Well I forgot the appointment since I had to book it so far out and when I went into my Groupon account I found it was gone. She had redeemed by voucher as used. I emailed her as I still didn’t have a phone number for her, and she was so rude and unprofessional I was shocked. I explained that I had missed it because of not putting it in and that I would like to reschedule, I was apologetic and humble about my mistake. She told me no, that she have marked my voucher as used and that is stated in the “fine print” that this is her policy and she would not let me reschedule. This is NOT the policy with Groupon. I have emailed them to try and get this resolved from their end but explicitly explained that I don’t want a credit with her. She treated me so poorly that I will never go to her and will make sure that others know about my experience. Save yourself the trouble and find a different masseuse, they are hundreds out there that are great and she is not one of them.