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Renee is a natural born Psychic, Medium, Healer, and Channel. She came into this lifetime with her gifts and is continually grateful and amazed at the unfolding of her spiritual path. She has seen and communicated with spirit for as long as she can remember and as a little girl her mom used to tell her she had “magic fingers”. Little did she know then her mom was referring to Renee’s healing abilities. She has always wanted to help others heal, step into their own souls’ truth and help them trust their own intuition. Renee used her strong belief in a higher power knowing that there was something greater available to us all and followed her guidance to survive a traumatic childhood.

Renee embarked on her spiritual growth and healing path when she was guided to a little shop by her office in 2005 where she met a long practicing Psychic Medium that helped her hone her skills. She has studied everything she has been guided to along the way and has knowledge of many spiritual concepts and methods. She has spent the last year and a half healing her own traumas and energy to become a clearer channel of light. She currently studies the Akashic Records and healing with Katie Rubin.

She has been guided every step of the way and no matter what she has done in her life her guidance has been loud and clear, she is to be of service to the light and she is answering the call from her guides to share the light and to be of service. She is so grateful to help others find their light. It is truly an honor to work with others at a soul level. The light does heal.

For Sessions, Renee connects with Source, her guides and yours to give you the guidance you need.

Her readings often come through any combination of intuitive guidance, mediumship to connect with loved ones, an oracle card, or healing by channeling Divine light healing energy from Source.

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