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Your body and your life make up your own Sacred Terrain.

Your pelvic bowl is the gateway. The pelvic bowl is where we interact with our inner power, deep intuition, and our Goddess energies. Once you’ve entered in, the rest of your Sacred Terrain is so much easier to traverse.

As we grow and evolve, we learn new concepts and techniques for moving to the next level, but then… we get stuck. We can’t seem to keep going and we don’t know why. There is a sort of “body resistance” to the new information. We know what we want. We are doing what we know to do to get “unstuck” and yet, we stay stuck.

The Sacred Terrain offerings are where I combine my over 27 years of working with natural therapies with my experience and expertise as an Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner with my love of food and kitchen magic and my intuitive gifts as a Healer.

Whether you want to work with me through my free Facebook group, my membership program: The Sacred Terrain Sisterhood, or my other online programs. Or, you’d like to benefit from working with me 1:1 through my Pelvic Bowl Healing sessions offered both online or in person, a Yoni Steam, or a Kitchen Witch Consult, I’d love to be your guide through your own Sacred Terrain.

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Ages treated: Teens, Adults, 65-85, 86+
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