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Portland, Oregon 97219

Website: http://www.vibereiki.com
Phone Number: 650-270-4213
Email: liisa@vibehealingarts.com

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Practice description


Unplug from the noise, so you can hear yourself again.

Spend some time reconnecting to yourself. Find that sense of fun and freedom. There are no “ten steps” or “homework” here.

Liisa and Amber use their gifts and expertise to enable you to fully relax and tune into your own energy. They support you intuitively as you dive in and reconnect with your body, mind and spirit. With gentle guidance they are able to lead you out of your head allowing you to release the stagnant, stuck energies that may be causing you harm.

Their goal is to help you regain that internal glow that keeps life feeling good. When life gets hard, work gets hectic, and the daily bullshit just gets in the way, Liisa and Amber will help you leave that noise behind and get back to a place where you can rest, relax and heal.

They’ve got your back.


Liisa Petrocchi

Founder and CEO

Amber Cook

Energy Healer


Rate varies depending on practitioner or service

Products sold

Liisa has created a line of self-care products to help you maintain your energetic vibe. This includes essential oil blends, sprays and bath soaks etc. Along with other magical tools to enhance your spiritual practice. All products imbued with Reiki healing energy.

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Reviews (4)

Laura Rowe
September 23 2019

Liisa is a powerful intuitive energy healer. Her reiki sessions offer more than just relaxation, although that is amazing. She restores my body and energy field and allows my natural healing ability to kick in and support me. I have also used her for Situational Clearings. These clearings are amazing and targeted. She has mad skills for getting to the energetic root of an issue and releasing what is stuck and causing struggle. Liisa is awesome and a go-to healer for me when I am in a growth cycle.

April 5 2019

A session with Liisa was so relaxing and eye opening. She is truly talented. And, her homemade essential oil product line is amazing!!!

December 10 2018

Liisa is an awesome practitioner and her products are amazing. I really appreciate her earthy vibe. Her products are part of my daily rituals and I highly recommend them.

December 9 2018

Liisa is amazing. She reads your energy and moves it around to free up the blocks and kinks that are making you feel lousy. I have had deeply relaxing sessions that allow me to shift my energy without effort and I have had sessions where I came in with an intention and we worked through each block till I was complete. And I love her magical, earthy approach. Her oils and salves aid in getting me where I am going. She is the real deal.

Other business info

Patients accepted: Any
Ages treated: Children, Teens, Adults, 65-85, 86+
Conditions treated: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Pain, Stress, Trauma
Same day appointments: Yes
Outcall/home visits: Yes
Office type: Other

Insurance accepted: None
Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, Credit, Mobile Pay, Paypal